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I do professional quality commissions, and for cheaper than you might think, so if you like what you see, and you need a full costume or just a piece to complete your costume for a Comics/Anime/Sci-Fi Convention or Halloween, e-mail me with the details. However, keep in mind that I work alone, so make sure to give me plenty of notice so I can give you the best quality.

Here's EVIL LYN. This costume is made of leather and nickel-silver.

If they ever get around to making a new Masters of the Universe movie, I hope the costumes look this good.

This is the best costume I've made because it looks exactly like the action figure it's based on. The art is by Emiliano Santalucia (colors by Val Staples and me) based on the Four Horsemen's design for EVIL LYN.

Here I am as TRI-KLOPS. I built everything you see here (even the body!).

I made this out of stuff I bought at the hardware store (most of it is cut from a green trash can).

This is one of the best costumes I've made because it looks exactly like the action figure it's based on.

TRI-KLOPS ready to fight!

Me as HE-MAN in front of Castle Grayskull.

An attempt to emulate the painting Drew Struzan did of Dolph Lundgren as HE-MAN.

In front of KING RANDOR's palace in Eternos city.

This was before I dirtied up the armor. It looks better now; I'll try to do another shoot soon.

Here's me as the Overlord of Evil, SKELETOR!

The mask I made is great, but the rest of the costume I made isn't up to my current standards anymore.

Me as KING LEONIDAS from 300.

I made everything you see... EVERYTHING! Right down to the hand-stitched leather speedo.

I won best costume at Faces with this.

The helmet and sword were last minute, but I like how they turned out. I love this classic pose.

Flashback to when I was 15. I used a Coke can and some fake skin around the edges.

Emulating a famous photo of Brandon Lee.

I've been the Crow for Halloween a few times.

This is a great picture; the blank background makes it look like an official promotional shot.

Emulating another famous photo.

For the premiere of 'The Dark Knight' I dressed up as the Joker. Because of this, I was recruited to play the Joker at the Heritage Oak Haunted House.

My Joker was a big hit; I traumatized dozens of children.

After the Haunted House, I did this photoshoot in the costume.

I did all of the make-up myself of course; I did the scars with collodion. Finding the right clothes was tough, but the results were worth it.

Here's Mr. Tony in the BATMAN costume I made for him.

The HELLBOY mask I made for Rudy.

I made this out of bedfoam with a skin of tinted latex and toilet paper. The horns were plastic cups covered in Magic-Sculpt, and the hair was a wig and beard I modified.

Biggest job I had in film. I designed, sculpted and made masks for the short film, 'Hatched.'

Brian wrote the script and starred in this strange film.

Brian is a great actor. Check out how much emotion you can read just from his body language.

I love this shot that Rob Palitti took.

They asked me to sculpt a face that looked both weary and sympathetic that could be aged or rejuvenated depending upon the make-up.