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This is a poster I put together for a movie of Masters of the Universe. Above HE-MAN is SKELETOR of course; over his other shoulder is KING RANDOR, who is also at the bottom left, and TRAPJAW, EVIL LYN, and TRI-KLOPS are bottom right. All of the characters are played by me (except LYN) wearing costumes I built myself. For individual shots of them check my Costumes and Make-Up page.


The background is from two matte paintings from the Mike Young Productions 2002 series, Masters of the Universe. I bought the Power Sword replica online, but I made everything else.

I took the SKELETOR photo of myself in the mask and hood that I made for Halloween a while back. By the way, when I was at Power Con, I met Alan Oppenheimer (voice of SKELETOR in the original cartoon), and he autographed this mask! I'll try to remember to post pictures soon.

HE-MAN was the second  Masters of the Universe costume I made. I kind of fried my hair, but the rest looks pretty good. I'd still like to redo this one sometime, now that I'm better at making costumes.

TRI-KLOPS is the first costume I was commissioned to make, and now one of my most requested. I wore the costume for the photoshoot, so that's me again. You wouldn't believe what that costume is made of.

EVIL LYN (also one of my most requested costumes) was my second commission. I made the purple armor out of armor-grade leather and nickel-silver for the metal parts.

I threw together this TRAPJAW costume in two weeks, so you can see that it's not finished, but good enough for this poster. When I get the chance this is definitely one I want to finish.

KING RANDOR is a costume I built with the intention of boosting my business, and it worked. People freak out when they see that the armor is actually real brass. I'm getting a lot of orders now since I appeared at Power Con wearing this. 


Photoshop is great, but I also work in more traditional mediums. Check out my Custom Toys and Artwork page for other examples.


10-20-11 Haven't done a proper photoshoot yet, but I have some pictures of KING RANDOR costume from my appearance at Power Con that I'll be adding to the Costumes and Make-Up page soon. I'm also going to add pictures of my latest commision, the much requested SHE-RA tiara. I've still got to get some new pictures of some of my Custom Toys and Artwork before that page is done, but most of them are in storage at the moment. Still if you haven't seen it yet, there are some good ones up there, but the page is jumbled from when this host changed layouts a bit.


Here's a wolf I did in pastels; I found a small picture of a wolf in National Geographic, and did this much larger. I also changed the color of the background from a normal sunset orange to the surreal purple (my favorite color, for those of you taking notes). The weird, blurry texture however was in the original photo.